Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CLEAR PM&M's B2B Growth Hacking Methodology

Need help with your B2B Product Strategy and Marketing Plans?
CLEAR PM&M specializes in mentoring teams that are in process of new product development. We offer you to use our methodology in order to put together a winning product and marketing strategy, and execute it with excellence.

Our method is named ClarifyB2B and consists of 6 steps that you need to follow carefully, in order to generate a successful marketing workplan.

You are invited to subscribe to CLEAR's mailing list, and get our "B2B Growth Hacking Guide" e-mailed to you. The Guide is a document that briefly explains the main principals of our method.
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If you seek further guidance we recommend that you take advantage of one of our 2 B2B workshop:

1. A B2B Growth Hacking Workshop facilitated and mentored by Shoham Eckahus. For more details please contact us here.
2. Clarify B2B Automated Workshop which includes online step by step guidance from CLEAR PM&M. For pricing and more details click here.

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